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Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Just an ordinary slightly-above-average guy

Carik (don't EVER call him Rick or Ricky)

Carik is 185cm (6'1"), lean and muscular, with wavy dark brown hair that he alternately grows and chops off, depending on his mood. He has hazel eyes and a perpetual five o'clock shadow. His only distinguishing mark is a series of five letters tattooed on his upper left arm. They are the initials of his parents and siblings.

History and current state:
Carik hails from a small village in southern Wales not far from the capital city of Cardiff. He is a free spirit, a true bohemian soul, who came to London about eight years ago. He and 'Del' taught yoga at the same studio, and they became friends.

Carik now owns his own yoga studio and is a personal trainer and occasional fitness model. He also fills in behind the bar at the Sickle when Del is in a bind, and he and 'Rod' have also become good friends. (He doesn't know they aren't human, but has always believed that there is something unconventional about them. He suspects they may have been raised in a commune and the 'tiny coastal province' of their childhood is just a cover story.)

He lives alone in a small cottage on the outskirts of London along with three cats, a pug, four fish, and a lop-eared bunny named Foo.

Carik is unapologetically bisexual, currently single, and looking. Not necessarily for a lifelong commitment, but for someone he likes and respects, someone with whom he can have fun with until the right person comes along.

Character points:
Carik is very easygoing. He is an incorrigible flirt, but means no harm by it. It's just his way, and he never lies to his partners. He is honest, loyal, emotionally stable, and has a good sense of humor. He is also a strict vegetarian.

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